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  1. Pastor eric j Hayes it is absolutely amazing with the success in your life and absolutely amazing with the man you have become, you also have a absolutely amazing & wonderful family, I also live a clean life as well & god has been very good to me, & with me & now I really know why because I came from good people like yourself and it is a blessing because you are a blessing & a blessing for everyone around you, I would love for you to meet who will be my pastor dr.robert e fowler,sr. Senior pastor of victory missionary baptist church here in las Vegas which is right in my community and has a very large attendance every Sunday, I know you would make a great impact in speaking at this church & you could exchange information with dr.Fowler who would just love having you & talking with you, I will have him contact you, he’s also on radio & t.v. in vegas, they would love having you, my cell is 702 542 1039, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you come to las Vegas to speak, I live in a church community, & there’s more, love you man.


    • Mr. Burgess,

      Thank you for your comment. We are forwarding your comment to Elder Hayes so that he can follow-up with you.

      God Bless!

      Restoration Baptist Church Media Team


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